Nutrition Plans Designed to optimise your goals

At we EFT we believe in eating wholesome foods that provide nutrition for the body to recover and perform whilst moving towards your goals, whether that be to gain, lose or maintain weight. We will calculate your daily calorie requirements for you based on age, weight, height, gender, body composition goals and daily activity levels.

You will be provided with:

1 x 30 Page Guide with 10 Breakfast and 20 Lunch/Dinner Options
1 x 30 Page Healthy Snack Guide
1 x 30 Page Summer Salad Guide
1 x 30 Page Vegetarian Guide

As you can see on the image each recipe has its very own MyFitnessPal barcode so you can easily scan and track your food. If you are an Online Coaching Client you can easily link your MyFitnessPal account through the app so your Coach can keep an eye on your nutrition.

Each recipe has its own short video demonstration and macro breakdown. Quite a few of the snacks and salads are also vegetarian friendly.