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Meet the Coach

Callan’s mission is to help as many people as possible not only reach but crush their Health and Fitness Goals.

Callan spent 15 years in the Navy, 7 years of his career was as a Navy Physical Training Instructor, where he completed his gruelling course at the Australian Defence Force Training School in November 2011. He has always played and competed in multiple sports his whole life ranging from AFL to Surf Life Saving and beyond.

During his career as a Navy Physical Training Instructor he was deployed to the Middle east Region on counter narcotics operations where he was part of the Ships Boarding Party team seizing almost 1 tonne of heroin and large amounts of illegal weapons. He was posted to HMAS Penguin where he was responsible for facilitating the Clearance Diver Selection Test (CDST) which is an intense 10-day selection test that would see attrition rates of 70% where candidates are taken to their absolute limits both physically and mentally to see who has what it takes to be one of the Navy’s elite.

Callan has a great passion for strength and conditioning and practices what he preaches, pushing himself daily in the pursuit of fitness and is always improving his knowledge on all things health and fitness to provide you with best service and knowledge possible.